Thursday, October 1, 2009

I GOT AN A!!!!!!!

I got a 91 on the psychopathology test! YAAAAAAAAY! And now, I'm officially on fall break! This weekend is riverfest, so I'm thinking we'll go wander around downtown on Sunday before I go to work. And fireworks for sure saturday night. I bought our beerfest tickets today, so we're for sure going to that, too! Now we just have to find a babysitter for it hahaha. Um, I think that's about it for today. Need to start studying for my physio exam next thursday....and hubby's home so now, I'm going out for a much needed night with friends! WOOT!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

well, psychopathology tests are back

I just got the email. I almost went to the school today while I was in town to see how I did. I decided not to. I have NEVER felt this way about a test before. I don't even want to know how I did. I've already started studying for the next one. That's how awful it was. I guess since I HAVE to be at school tomorrow, I can't really justify not checking my box. I mean, eventually I'll have to look anyway, because someone will put something in there that I need and I'll see how I did, anyway. *sigh* I guess I'll let ya'll know how I did tomorrow.

Twinism of the day: (Alanna while in line at the CVS drive-thru) "Mommy, I want people to get out of your way. I thirsty."

Monday, September 28, 2009

My first grad school A!!!!!

So I got my first test was stats. 98 baby!!! I also took my psychopathology test today.It was by far the worst experience ever. Probably even worse than labor. No joke. I think I did ok, but of course I spent so much time memorizing dsm criteria that I never even thought of the dsm definition for a mental disorder! Go figure! So I made one up. That should score at least a few points, right?

So now I'm trying to think of a good twinism to end with and just can't think of one :( although I did catch them under Devonne's bed with a container of cream cheese and a box of Nerds. That can't taste good!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Test time!!!

Well, it's that time of the semester when there is a test in EVERY class! I had my first stats test yesterday and am pretty confident that I nailed it! Monday is psychopathology. So this weekend is going to be spent memorizing all the mood and anxiety disorders in the DSM. My physio test isn't until after fall break, so at least I get a breather in between!

Other than studying my butt off for tests, life has been pretty good. My kids all played in the pool today while I did some homework outside. It was the first time Zoee had been in a pool and she LOVED it! Also, my husband got a job offer today! We don't know for sure yet if he's taking it or not, but I'm thinking he will.

I don't have much more to say now, but we'll see next week how I did/do on my tests!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Waffle House!

Yep, I'm headed there to do homework. It seems its the only place I can get anything done. No kids, no chores, no TV, no husband, no annoying dog, no internet. Oh wait, I just got a blackberry. Scratch the "no internet" haha. I am so behind. But I don't want this blog to be all about complaining about how behind I am in school, so TOPIC CHANGE!

My sister is here visiting for the weekend! I'm so excited! She lived with us over the summer because she graduated grad school, her lease in WV was up, she didn't have a job yet, and she didn't want to sign another lease because she didn't know where she was gonna get a job, not to mention she didn't want to be stuck there. She really wanted to be here with her nieces (and of course me and Joe!) So anyway, she moved in here for 3 months and babysat to cover her "rent." It was such a blast! I love her (her and my mom are my two absolute bestest friends) and it was sooooooo nice having her here after being so far away from her for so long (she lived in CT for my first 2 years in NC and WV for the next two). But then she got a job in Mount Airy and moved out to Winston-Salem just before school started for me in August. And I haven't seen her since, not to mention the girls all missed her and our dog really missed hers!

Oh, and even better news - my mom is moving out of her house this weekend because the closing is on the 30th!!!!! We moved here from CT where she lives and she comes and visits as often as possible, but I really just want her here with me. So, when she graduated with her bachelor's in May, she put her house on the market (yes, even in this terrible market) and it sold within four months!!!!! So, she's living with a friend for several months and finally moving down here in May to be with her grandbabies and me (and at least in the same state as my sis)!!!!!

Well, its time to go help with bathtime so I can go do homework, but I'll leave you with an adorable twin quote of the day:

Alanna: "Auntie Courtney, I got flowers from my sweetie."

Courtney: "Oh really? Who's your sweetie?"

Alanna: "Devonne." (her twin)

Friday, September 18, 2009


I know, what a stupid topic for a blog post, right? But it seems like all I do is make them. Yes, I know, they help me learn and all, but I just can't seem to stay caught up. Just when I think I'm getting there, a new week starts, with two classes a day, and all of a sudden I have hundreds of new flashcards to make.

And I have a test in stats next week. Just for the record, I hate stats. So now I'm working on stats flashcards. My goal for this weekend is to get completely caught up on typing up my notes and making all my flashcards.

On a happier note, I got a new phone today. A Blackberry! So now I can be on facebook even while I'm IN class! I'm sure the teachers will love that! When I told the kids I was getting a new phone Alanna said "A Blackberry, mommy?" and Devonne said "Mommy, get me a new phone too. I want a purple one." I didn't even know that Alanna knew what a Blackberry was, but sure enough, when Joe pulled up the Verizon website and started looking at them, Alanna pointed to one and was like "Daddy, it's a Blackberry!" It is truly amazing the things kids pick up on!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Um, Hello!

Well, I can honestly say I've never done this before. But hey, what the hell! I mean, I don't already have enough on my plate. Only 13 graduate school credit hours, three kids under four, a husband, a dog, a house, and a part-time job. No, I apparently needed a hobby too. So, here I am!

So, the long story, or the short one? Lets just say I graduated high school, got married at 20, and have pretty much been in school ever since. I had my twin daughters at 23 and my third daughter at 26, one week before finals (don't worry, I got an A :)) When the baby was about a month old, I applied for grad school and got in! So here I am, a month into my masters in psychology. Somehow, I manage to balance school, kids, work, and the husband, but somehow the housework never quite gets done. And when I have a really bad day, I watch an episode of Jon and Kate Plus 8 and thank God that "it" was only twins!

The economy (which SUCKS, by the way) has hit us hard and my husband's been unemployed since Febuary. We've managed to keep our house though, and it has strengthened our relationship in a way I never thought possible, so there are some checks in the "plus" column. He has a second interview on Saturday, so fingers crossed!

Anyway, that's the short story. I'm glad to finally have some sort of an outlet, however impersonal and public it may be. And I'm glad you're here for the ride! Some days I may complain, but (and I'm typing this line to remind myself) I absolutely LOVE school and psychology is my passion. I wanted to do what I am doing more than almost anything in the world (third, actually, to kids and my husband) and no matter how bad it gets, no matter how many tears I cry, I do absolutely love my life!